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Our pets are our companions, our friends.

And as with all friendships, the success of the relationship lies in respect, understanding and co-operation.

Much of the success of TTouch (the Tellington Touch) also lies in these three key elements.  

Developed by internationally recognised animal expert,  Linda Tellington-Jones, TTouch is a gentle approach to all animals that has positive effects on training, behaviour and health. Using a combination of specialised touches, lifts and movement exercises, TTouch helps animals to become more balanced emotionally, physically and mentally. This in turn helps them to build a greater sense of self awareness, self control and self confidence. All of which means they are less fearful of situations, better equipped to cope and more able to learn new and more appropriate behaviour. By releasing tension and increasing body awareness, even the most difficult problems are often eliminated. 

But best of all - by establishing a deeper rapport between humans and animals through respect, understanding and co-operation - TTouch helps turn our loving companions into our ultimate best friends.

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