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Hayley Bancroft (nee Price) is a TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner (P2) based in West Yorkshire. (There are Practitioners all over the North of England and Scotland. See below for your nearest one.)

Hayley became aware of TTouch  when the TV series, "Talking To Animals", was first broadcast a few years ago - featuring Sarah Fisher, the UK's highest qualified Equine and Companion Animal Practitioner.

Sarah was hugely inspiring and seeing the effects that TTouch had on a wide range of animals was jaw-dropping stuff. The tortoise that wouldn't eat; the aggressive three legged Iguana called Peggy; the Airedale who hated the postman; the rabbit with a taste for human fingers...the transformation in these, and many other animals over the course of the series, was nothing less than incredible.

A lifelong animal lover, Hayley decided to find out more about TTouch and Sarah Fisher and so discovered the wonderful world of Tilley Farm - UK TTouch Training headquarters. 3 years, 6 residential trainings in Somerset, numerous case studies and many happy hours of TTouch later, Hayley emerged as a qualified TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner (P1) in March 2007 and progressed to a P2 in March 2012.  She works in and around West Yorkshire offering private one-to-one TTouch sessions; 1 and 2 day workshops, as well as talks and presentations,  passing on the wonder that is Tellington-TTouch.

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