Here are just some of the amazing animals that Hayley has worked with - and learnt from. (The Leopard Gecko, Meerkat and Macaw are all exotic animals that have been rescued by the fantastic Tropical Inc. To find out more about Tropical Inc. and the wonderful work that they do, please click here.)


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TTouch turned Ziggy from a manic, unfocused puppy to the calm, confident God Of Dogs that he is today. It has helped him cope with situations including a new baby in the house; back trauma and a skin allergy.

Arnie was a very boisterous kitten. With TTouch he became much more focused and able to cope with life and it's exciting experiences.



TTouch helped Benson to cope with old age and the issues associated with it.


This Leopard Gecko loved being TTouched with a paintbrush!


Trevor is an old hand at TTouch. Once a nervous, sometime reactive dog he is now confident, calm and the coolest dog on the planet.


Along with Vet care, TTouch really helped Simba cope with IBS.



For Starsky, TTouch is just a fun, enjoyable experience.


Even curious, mischief-making Meerkats can benefit from the calming influence of TTouch.


Puppies like Murphy really benefit from TTouch. It helps them become aware of their own bodies and teaches them how to cope with life.

This beautiful Macaw was abandoned in it's first year and dealt with the stress by self-plucking. TTouch has helped him to cope and his plumage is now immaculate.


Little QT was a rescue dog with severe health problems and a disability. Along with vet care, TTouch offered him some welcome relief in the months leading up to his untimely passing. Run free little QT.


Brian really enjoys the quality, one-to-one time he gets during a relaxing TTouch session.