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One of the most wonderful things about TTouch is that it can have positive effects on all animals - from dogs to dolphins; cats to camels; meerkats to macaws.

Problems TTouch can help with include…

Fear of noise (fireworks, thunder, etc)

Dislike of contact (fear of the Vet; reluctance to being handled/petted)

Excessive barking and chewing


Pulling on the lead


Car sickness

Help speed up recovery from surgery and illness

Problems associated with aging

Improve balance, co-ordination, confidence, agility & performance

Help puppies to cope with constant changes in their growing bodies

Help older dogs cope with changes in their bodies due to ageing

Separation anxiety...

And many more.

Note: Whilst benefiting many animals suffering from illness, injury and old age, TTouch is not a replacement for appropriate veterinary care and should never be used as such. TTouch is very much complimentary to veterinary care for the health and benefit of your animals. If you suspect your animal has a medical condition you should contact your vet immediately.

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